Reviving Cathay Green

“Space Reflection”

Project completed in the year 2019, Year 1 Semester 2
(A design continuation of the “Crystal Cavern” project, using the same basic design principles)

After studying the demographics of Cathay Green, “Space Reflection” is created to cater to the youths of the area. It is encircled by buzzling commercial and educational buildings making the percentage of young users the highest.

Towering mirrors which doubles as a maze will greet users at the main entrance, it is intended to intrigue users to enter which will lead to an open space and a platform for gatherings and performances. The maze also acts as an outdoor gallery, allowing users to get lost in artworks while trying to find their way out.

The “dead ends” of the maze are private spaces for groups to interact comfortably.

The design process

From the ground up, the whole structure of the maze is derived from one simple geometric shape that has been translated into various languages.
Quick bubble diagrams were created to kick start the idea and foundation of the project.

The diamond shape disperses to become bigger and wider from the entrance. To create more dimension and texture to the site, the use of different materials are also evident.

Following the floor plan a language for the maze was created.

The seating area is a 3-dimensional elevated triangular shape.

Study model

Physical model