Studies of dominant, subdominant and subordinate relation


​Project completed in the year 2018

The sculpture has many curves that gives an inviting feeling just like an infant’s cradle. From a different angle, the sculpture appears to take the form of a baby.


​Project completed in the year 2018

Similar to life, the planar construction has different directions, heights and turns. No matter the path, whether it is narrow or wide, it is beautiful in it’s own way. Sometimes these paths cross making each path part of a more significant structure.


​​Project completed in the year 2018

Translating music into something visual, viewers are able to see sound through the curves and turns, like an endless flow of therapeutic melodies.

Tribal coasters

Project completed in the year 2018

Inspired by traditional filipino tattoos and the incorporation of Divine’s admiration towards the ocean, a wavelike form outlines the coasters. To further improve the functionality of the coasters, they can be joined together to form a larger coaster for jugs.
​(A quick project for Rapid Prototype Elective.)

The design process

After researching about coasters Divine found herself attracted to those of elaborate designs. Thus, she pondered on how she can make a more personal coaster which lead her to the almost forgotten “Kalinga Batok” a form of traditional tattooing in the Philippines. Each design carries a profound meaning, certain combinations can also translate to a personalised story.

Designs were simplified for the final product (shown above).

​”Unique coasters” found online that helped inspire the idea.

Some of the most popular ​Batok designs.

More Batok designs and their meanings.