3DD Artist-in-residence workshop, Sookmyung Women's University x NAFA

Selected for a 3 Days intensive workshop with Sookmyung Women’s University in collaboration with NAFA

Project completed in the year 2019, “Maze Garage”

The project brief was to simply have fun!
Additionally, groups could only create models out of recycled materials that they could gather.

Thus, Divine and her group mates had decided to create a colourful interactive installation at the designated site. Each section of the installation has a different interactive property. The highlight, however, was the net roof and the mesh walls made of  materials such as a cotton wool that was weaved by hand and metal mesh that was found at the back of the school.

The walls of the installation doubled as ladders to connect the users to the net roof where they would be able to admire the view from above.


This collaborative work was exhibited at NAFA to remind students that design is meant to be an enjoyable process.

​”Unique coasters” found online that helped inspire the idea.

Some of the most popular ​Batok designs.

More Batok designs and their meanings.